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This is a programming contest management system I wrote for my Independent Study class. Originally I planned to use Google Cloud Functions to make it serverless, but when technical constraints made that impossible, I made it a more traditional server app.

Bruin3 Autonomous Vehicle Collaborators: Carter Shean

This is BJU's autonomous vehicle to compete in IGVC 2019. We structured the code around the ROS framework and used pieces from TARDEC's RTK framework (TARDEC is part of the US Army).


This project is a compiler for the language FLOYD ("Finally the Language Of Your Dreams"), as required for the course CpS 450. I wrote the compiler in Java for three reasons:
  1. The starting code is given in Java, and I'm too lazy to change it.
  2. I've managed to avoid Java for long enough that I've forgotten most of its horrors.
  3. Doing recent Java work might look good on my resume
  4. I'll make off-by-one errors in any language

This website

Who would have known that nginx would take so much work to configure

Chinese Checkers Bot System Collaborators: Jacob Brazeal

This project is a framework for bots that play chinese checkers against each other. I helped design the UI to display the activity of the bots, as well as a structure for how the bots communicate with the controller.

DosBox Bootloader Collaborators: Stephen Sidwell

In the class Computer Systems, I worked on this project to write a bootloader for the original IBM PC (as simulated by DosBox). The teacher offered ridiculous amounts of extra credit for various features on this project, so we ended up receiving a grade of around 320/250. The repository should contain all the tools needed to build and run this project.

PlanningCenter PowerPoint export

I am very involved with the audio/visual ministry at my church, and we were struggling with the presentation software that we were using. To help solve that problem, I wrote an app that connects to PlanningCenter, where we store our song lyrics and service orders, and puts the lyrics together into a PowerPoint presentation. I wasn't able to find a suitable library for PowerPoint, so I had to research the file structure of PowerPoint and implement the export myself.

ARM Processor Simulator

This project involves a simulator for the ARMv7TDMI microprocessor, which takes ARM machine code and simulates how it would run on the processor.

Fourier Transforms

This was a small project for the class Computational Mathematics. It takes a function and approximates a Fourier Transform on that function, finding the nearest equivalent sum of sin and cosine waves.

Web Server

In the class Unix Programming, I was required to write a web server in C. At the end of the project, all of the members of my class ran their servers and tried to take each other's servers down. I wasn't able to get my server to run with the teacher's script (only half of the class could get their servers running with the script), but I was able to successfully attack all the servers that did run, and my server was immune to all the attacks I could come up with.

CpS 111 Project Collaborators: Jordan Fleck Dominic Palermo

This is the project I did for CpS 111 my senior year of high school. It was a game of tanks shooting at each other written in C++. We even implemented a multiplayer mode where people on two different computers could play against each other. I included the code link, but good luck getting it to build anymore.

Calculator Programming

Back in 9th grade my teacher told us that we would be learning to program our calculators (the TI-83) second semester. So I learned it on my own first semester. Very early in my programming days I wrote a guessing game using a binary search (four years before I knew what a binary search was). Later on, I programmed the game of Monopoly onto my calculator. And yes, I'm not kidding: I programmed a graphical version of Monopoly on a TI-83 calculator.